$90/six weeks

Agility classes teach your dogs to run a timed course of jumps, weave poles, tunnels, and contact obstacles. New students must complete Intro to Agility, then Beginner Agility before advancing to Intermediate Agility.

Fun with Agility introduces Agility basics in an informal hour of fun with your dog. The class will teach the dog and handler team the various obstacles and short, easy obstacle sequences along with off leash skills and additional obedience training.

Intro to Agility Obstacles teaches the dog walk, A-frame, teeter, jumping, and weave poles.

Beginner Agility concentrates on motivation techniques and communication between dog and handler.

Advanced Beginner applies the foundation skills learned by dog and handler in Beginner I and II and begins short sequences over obstacles on simple courses.

Intermediate Agility and Advanced Agility work on increasing the dog’s speed, sharpening the dog’s performance, and improving handling skills.

Fun With Agility I and II teaches the dog and handler team various obstacles, short, easy obstacle sequences, off leash skills, additional obedience training in an informal hour of training.

General Prerequisites for ALL Agility Classes:

• At least two obedience classes
• Sit and down on command
• Come when called, even if OFF-LEASH
• Non-aggressive to dogs and people

You MUST enroll in advance. Class size is limited for effective instruction. For more information about classes or to register online, click on the class name, above.


Refund Policy: no refunds given after the first class. 

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